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Who We Are

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The mission is to provide high quality Red Angus commercial cows and superior Red Angus steers for beef. Red Ass Cattle Company is located in the small town of Amherst, TX in the Panhandle region. Starting with just 17 cows, we offer our cattle the highest quality forage on the market to ensure a strong reputation from our customers. So why purchase our animals?

  • The cows get the top nourishment. We offer them a great protein in cottonseed, a variety of silage and never let the cows run out of wheat hay. We also keep them delighted with a vitamin and mineral lick block.

  • Our animals obtain extensive care from the owners. We make sure our cows are on top of the world by maintaining their health and their environmental conditions.


Here at Red Ass Cattle Company we feel our customers need to know where their beef comes. By providing this blog, our customers will be able to really see how a cattle producer works and be confident that they will be eating beef from a grade A farm like us.

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