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 Five Star Dairy is a family farm that all started with my parents. They both moved from the Netherlands to fulfill their dream of being dairy farmers. This dairy started in 1999 in Amherst, TX and was called Five Star Dairy because of the five kids that they had.

Our mission is to produce the highest quality of milk and be sustainable from start to finish. We do this by raising our young-stock from the day they are born so we can keep a close eye on them. We also haul our manure to our fields where we then grow our own forages to ensure the highest quality feed is being given to our milk cows.

  I started selling the famous "From the titty to the city" hats to raise awareness for the dairy industry. Most people do not know what goes on in the dairy industry and this is where I come in to share videos of how well kept the animals really are. So please do not support the off brand almond and soy milks when real milk from the dairy is the most nutritious. Also go check out the shop and grab a hat with a funny slogan to show your support for the dairy industry.

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